Thin Client Request Form

Take the first step in simplifying your network operations and reducing your total cost of ownership today!

Please fill out the following BosaNova Thin Client evaluation form and a member of the Machines & Media sales staff will contact you within one business day to arrange for your free two week evaluation.


Which model are you interested in?

RBT-470 (low profile terminal ICA and RDP)

TBT-600 (text-based Linux terminal, TN5250/3270, ICA, RDP, VDI)

RBT-466 (Linux terminal TN5250/3270, ICA, RDP, and VDI clients)

LTC-6000 (1.6Ghz Linux, TN5250/3270, Firefox browser, JVM, ICA, RDP, VDI)

RBT-416 (Xpe with 5250, ICA, RDP, IE Browser)

XTC-6000 (1.6Ghz Windows XPe OS, TN5250, Citrix image, Office Viewers, Outlook Express, IE browser)

Which if the following do you have installed?
AS/400 (iSeries) NT 4.0
RS/6000 Windows Terminal Server
S/390 Windows 2000 server
UNIX Citrix Metaframe
Linux Domino Server/Notes
Besides yourself, provide names of other staff members involved in the evaluation process:
Do you currently have any wireless infrastructure in place?
Yes No
If so, how many access points do you have installed?
1-5 10-25
6-10 25+
How do you plan on using the BosaNova Thin Client? (check all that apply)
Twinax terminal replacement Browse Web/Send and Receive e-mail
Alternative to PCs Drive printers
Replace PCs Drive scanning equipment
Run AS/400 applications Remote dial-in
Run Windows applications Connect to other hosts
Where would implement these units? (check all that apply)
Standard office environment Shipping/Receiving
Manufacturing shop floor Remote location
Warehouse Home use/Telecommuters
Number of thin clients you could deploy:
1-10 101-500
11-25 501-1000
26-100 1000+
Timeframe for deployment:
1-30 days 6-12 months
1-3 months 12 months+
3-6 months    
I heard about the BosaNova Thin Client from...
Direct mail piece Trade show/seminar
Display ad in Midrange
Computing, I Series, or
Showcase Magazine
Yahoo! Other
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