Wireless Tablet Request Form

Take the first step in controlling inventory on a real-time basis with a full screen presentation today!

Please fill out the following YEStablet customer request form and a member of the Machines & Media sales staff will contact you within one business day to see if you qualify for a “try and buy” two-week evaluation.

Which of the following do you have installed?
AS/400 NT 4.0
RS/6000 Windows Terminal Server
S/390 Windows 2000 server
UNIX Citrix Metaframe
Linux Domino Server/Notes
Besides yourself, provide names of other staff members involved in the evaluation process:
1. 2.
Do you currently have any wireless infrastructure in place?
Yes No
Are you currently using any RF handheld portable data terminals?
Yes No
If so, what brand of handheld terminals have you deployed?
Symbol HHP
Intermec PSC
If using handhelds now, what will the YEStablet provide that your existing units do not?
Full-screen presentation
Ability to access the Internet

Multiple AS/400 session capability

Terminal Services/Citrix access   Other:
Are you currently using any vehicle mount (forklift) Rf terminals?
Yes No
If so, what brand have you deployed?
Symbol Intermec
LXE Teklogix
Who would use the wireless YEStablet terminal?
Inventory manager General warehouse personnel
Production manager   Other
Where would you implement the YEStablet?
Shipping/receiving area General warehouse
Production floor Outside yard
Office area   Other
How would the YEStablet be used?
On-person Four-wheeled cart
If on-person, how long would it be used at any one time?
10-30 minutes 1-2 hours
2-4 hours Randomly
All day    
What specific tasks would be performed with the YEStablet?
Inventory cycle counts Inventory moves
Shipping/receiving scanning Labor tracking
Pick orders   Other
The YEStablet supports a USB connected scanner. What type of scanning is required?
Standard range Long range
None   Other
The YEStablet uses a stylus and touch-screen to input data by hand. What type of data would need to be entered using the stylus?
Quantity Part numbers
Bin location Short comments
How are you currently accomplishing the task(s) you plan on using the YEStablet for?
Pen and paper Handheld RF scanners
We are not   Other
Number of YEStablet you could deploy?
1 2-5
6-10 11-25
26-50 51+
Timeframe for deployment:
Immediately 30 days
1-3 months 4-6 months
6-12 months 12 months+
I heard about the YEStablet from...
Direct mail piece Trade show/seminar
Display ad Referral
Yahoo!   Other
Additional Comments