Thin Client Request Form

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Please fill out the following YEStation evaluation form and a member of the Machines & Media sales staff will contact you within one business day to arrange for your free two week evaluation.


Which model are you interested in?
2201 YEStation "mini" (no host emulation/RDP & ICA only) 2212 YEStation "mini" (IBM host emulation, IE browser, RDP & ICA)
2216 YEStation "mini" (Linux OS, IBM emulation, Mozilla browser, RDP & ICA) 2312 YEStation EXT (PCMCIA slot for wireless, IBM emulation, IE browser, RDP/ICA
2316 YEStation EXT (Linux OS, PCMCIA slot, IBM emulation, Mozilla browser, RDP/ICA 2717G YEStation Max II (1Ghz processor, Embedded XP OS, IBM emulation, browser, RDP/ICA
2817 YEStation Max (Windows Embedded XP OS) 73XX Wireless YEStablet
Which of the following do you have installed?
AS/400 NT 4.0
RS/6000 Windows Terminal Server
S/390 Windows 2000 server
UNIX Citrix Metaframe
Linux Domino Server/Notes
Besides yourself, provide names of other staff members involved in the evaluation process:
Do you currently have any wireless infrastructure in place?
Yes No
If so, how many access points do you have installed?
1-5 10-25
6-10 25+
How do you plan on using the YEStation? (check all that apply)
Twinax terminal replacement Browse Web/Send and Receive e-mail
Alternative to PCs Drive printers
Replace PCs Drive scanning equipment
Run AS/400 applications Remote dial-in
Run Windows applications Connect to other hosts
Where would implement these units? (check all that apply)
Standard office environment Shipping/Receiving
Manufacturing shop floor Remote location
Warehouse Home use/Telecommuters
Number of thin clients you could deploy:
1-10 101-500
11-25 501-1000
26-100 1000+
Timeframe for deployment:
1-30 days 6-12 months
1-3 months 12 months+
3-6 months    
I heard about the YEStation Extra from...
Direct mail piece Trade show/seminar
Display ad in Midrange
Computing, I Series, or
Showcase Magazine
Yahoo! Other
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