Barcoding - Wireless Terminal Emulation


Thin-Client Terminal Connectivity with True Session Management
Don't be fooled. Stay-Linked is the only complete emulation solution—not cobbled together.

With Stay-Linked:

  • Client, server, and Administrator console software are all included—no add-ons or plug-ins
  • No intermediate “Gateway” or “Proxy Server” is needed—persistence is built-in, by design
  • No telnet is transmitted over the wireless network
  • Less network bandwidth is used
  • Faster data transmission speeds are achieved
  • Proprietary data encryption works within standard security schemes
  • The Stay-Linked Administrator enables Advanced Terminal Session Management (ATSM)
    • Real-Time Session Monitoring, Sharing, Take Control, Transfer, Partnerships
    • Centralized keyboard mapping, tap spot definition
    • Device behavior can be controlled within defined Device Groups

Legacy device-side terminal emulation (often given away for free) uses device-resident “thick client” technology—originally developed for wired terminal emulation—to create telnet sessions on a remote wireless device. That archaic design simply doesn't work very well in today's wireless environments.

The Technical Difference

The User's Difference

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