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Stay-Linked Device Management


Fully Integrated Device Management
Utilizing the Stay-Linked Administrator Console

Now available as a separately licensed component of Version 9, Stay-Linked Device Management includes an OEM version of Odyssey Software's industry-standard Athena client software. The rich set of device management functionality added with this latest release enables the help desk to centrally control mobile devices deployed throughout the enterprise network.

Key features include:

  • System Information: Displays information about the device, including OS, Processor, Memory, Battery , Display, Locale, Installed Applications and Running Processes.
  • File Management: Allows interactive management of the file system on the device. Browse the entire file system and use file management features like Create Folder, Copy to Folder, Move to Folder, Delete File/Folder, Rename File Folder plus Download and Upload files.
  • Registry Management: Allows interactive management of the Registry on the device. Browse the entire registry and use registry management features like Create Key/Value, Copy Key/Value, Delete Key/Value, Rename Key/Value, Edit Value plus Import and Export registry keys.
  • Network Management: Allows interactive viewing of network properties. View the device's Network Adapters and Adapter Details, Active Network Connections, Routes, ARP Table, Network Parameters, Access Points, TCP Statistics, UDP Statistics, IP Statistics and ICMP Statistics.
  • Device Remote Control: Allows interactive remote control of the device itself. This feature allows you to select different color depths and display scales for the remote control session. You can also grab screen shots of the device display in BMP or JPEG formats.
  • Software Provisioning: This feature provides a mechanism by which you can build software manifests that will provision 3rd-party or other software onto the device. The Stay-Linked Administrator includes a ‘Manifest Builder' which will allow you to assemble a custom, script-driven installation package for the various software programs that you require to be installed on the device. Based upon your pre-defined metrics, these software packages will be deployed to and installed on the devices as required.




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