Media and Supplies

Magnetic Media

  • IBM host environment (AS400, RS6000, and S390) media including: cartridge, reel, 8mm, 3480, 3490, 3590, 3570 Magstar, LTO
  • Traditional network environment media including Travan, 4mm, and DLT
  • Cleaning cartridges for all tape drive formats
  • Optical disks, CDR's, CDR-RW, and DVD's
  • Storage racks and portable cases for off-site storage

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Printer Ribbons

  • Original spool and cartridge ribbons from IBM, Genicom, Tally, Printronix Okidata, Epson, Printek and Lexmark
  • Quality compatible ribbons that meet and exceed OEM specs from NER, Hitachi, and Best Ribbon

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