NetEnforcer for LAN/Internet

Best-of-Class Bandwidth ManagementThe NetEnforcer® family of bandwidth management LAN appliances offers best-of-class traffic shaping technology for QoS/SLA enforcement and real-time traffic monitoring on carrier (AC-1000 Series), service provider and enterprise networks.  Individual models are optimized to support a variety of bandwidths and users.

NetEnforcer® policy enforcement devices offer service providers a complete suite of bandwidth management tools for better managing network resources, enabling over-subscription, and enforcing service level agreemetns (SLAs).  The NetEnforcer lets service providers immediately identify and limit excessive bandwidth consumers and put "recovered" bandwidth to profitable use.

NetEnforcer on a service provider network.


Three Steps to Policy-Powered Networking
Policy-Powered Networking lets you efficiently manage subscriber traffic accessing the service provider network. The process of implementing a Policy-Powered Networking solution includes three steps:

1. Provision new subscribers
Use the NetEnforcer to retrieve customer information from your Customer Care and Billing system (CCB) or text-based customer list. This process automatically retrieves the subscriber's SLA type and defines the minimum and maximum bandwidth limits on the NetEnforcer.

2. Enforce the rules
Upon matching a traffic session with a subscriber, NetEnforcer forwards the packets according to the bandwidth parameters outlined in its SLA.

3. Verify/Bill
The NetEnforcer sends detailed traffic information to the billing/reporting systems, including addresses, applications used, and the quantity of traffic sent. This allows you to create advanced invoicing schemes such as usage-based billing.







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