Emulation Products

The need for PC's to communicate to the IBM AS400 (iSeries) remains. Below are solutions that address that need in both Twinax and Ethernet environments.

Affirmative 2401 PCI Kit

  • Complete package w/5250 card, software, and cable
  • YESterm emulation software supports Windows 3.1/95, 98/ME, 2000, and XP
  • Unique size of card and bracket allows installation in latest slim-line/low profile PC's

Starting at $275

BOS 6461+ PCI Kit

  • Complete package w/5250 Twinax card, software, and cable
  • BosaNova emulation software supports up to 32 sessions on the AS400 (APPC)
  • SQL data transfer support

Starting at $319

BosaNova Secure 2940 (formerly TCP/IP)

  • 5250 display and printing software for Ethernet connected PC's
  • Quick installation and deployment
  • External Link allows instant access to images in database for sales/customer service staff (see image to the right)
  • SQL file transfer utility

Starting at $109



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