e-Twin@x - IP/SNA Gateway

When the traditional SDLC connection is replaced with a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection using TCP/IP, the e-Twin@x Controller can be used to maintain legacy Twinax devices (such as SCS and IPDS printers, and dumb terminals) at your remote sites. In this configuration, all the devices will appear on the AS/400 as TN5250 devices, and all PC devices can connect to the AS/400 either by using dumb terminal emulation or by installing the e-Twin@x version of BOSâNOVA TCP/IP or IBM TCP/IP drivers to connect to the AS/400 over TCP/IP. With the TCP/IP drivers loaded on the PC, the user can take full advantage of the WAN, getting the following benefits:
  • Support for e-mail
  • Integration with NT or Novell file servers
  • Printer and file sharing on the network
  • Ability to access and run Intranet applications
  • Implementation of server-centric computing such as Citrix Metaframe

The e-Twin@x Controller connects to the network using a standard network hub, which is attached to the local office via a standard IP router. Ethernet PCs can be connected to the same network hub as the controller for mixed Ethernet and Twinax infrastructures.

Sample e-Twin@x Controller Configuration for Local Environment, including RAS



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