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From the inventors of inkjet technology comes the Tally T3016 SprintJet. A unique continuous forms printer that also handles cut sheet, the T3016 is a extremley fast and quiet solution for printing labels, accounting/financial reports, and manufacturing job tickets using the T3016C ability to use spot color.

T3016 SprintJet family

  • 2000 cps inkjet (800 lines per minute)
  • Whisper quiet operation (49 dBA)
  • Prints graphics (barcodes) without noticable speed degragation
  • Duty cycle of 60K pages per month
  • Only $ .03 per page cost
  • Fast drying and permanent ink
  • 40 million character ink cartridges
  • Standard Serial/Parallel intefaces
  • Optional spot color with T3016C and T3016IGF models

Starting at $2795


Unique Printhead Design
All T3016 models use two 128-nozzle Piezo print heads that provide the extraordinary print speed and high resolution output. The industrial strength Piezo print head has a 3 billion character life for long term reliable operation. The T3016 ink cartridges are packaged in easy to replace modules (40 Million character monochrome and 8 Million character color). Tally's proprietary oil-based ink produces dark, high-quality images which dry to permanent in less than one second.

The T3016C incorporates a second slot to add a color ink cartridge in addition to the standard black cartridge. Color selections include cyan, magenta, yellow, green, or red.

Because one of the print heads is dedicated to color and one is dedicated to monochrome, the print speed for the T3016C / T3016C IGF models is 300 lines per minute or 8 PPM. This is excellent throughput for processing high-quality documents with a splash of color and at a low cost per page.

Although not designed for continuous color printing, the spot color feature offers industrial printing users a truly unique tool to enhance their output by adding a single color highlight.

Industrial Graphics and Bar Codes!

  • QMS Code V
  • Printronix Graphic Language (PGL)
  • Generate 2,250 standard AIAG labels per hour!

T3016 Ink Jet Printer Industrial Graphics Sample output




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