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Distribution and Archiving of electronic documents is a hot topic among IT professionals. S4i Express is a fully integrated, highly scalable iSeries/AS400-based document management/report distribution solution. It captures, separates, indexes, bundles, delivers, archives documents/reports. You can distribute to: print, online viewing, client, e-mail, Website, FTP remote sites, fax. Output formats include PDF, RTF, HTML, Generic WP, ASCII, EBCDIC, TXT. Tight security controls viewing and tracks viewing and attempted view history.

Rule-based hierarchical archiving to multiple media types includes compressed disk, robot/manual tape, optical disk, IFS, etc. Options: indexing/ad-hoc distribution, report-mining. Optional secure Web-based front-end and JDE OneWorld implementations are also available.

Example: e-mail your invoices, statements, etc. in PDF format, automatically dropping in the background form. Retrieve report information rapidly from the S4i Express Archiver capability, with the ability for an authorized end-user to re-distribute reports or segments.

Using S4i Express provides:

Competitive advantage through faster, more concise dissemination of information throughout the organization.
Increased control over the appearance, destination, and timing of critical corporate information
Increased security over access to critical corporate information.
Increased consistency of information throughout the organization
Increased efficiency by department managers and end-users via simplified administration of reports
Faster online document retrieval from client workstations o Reduced filing labor and storage space required for paper output
Reduced postage and phone costs via electronic faxing and e-mail distribution
Improved system performance via efficient and dynamic use of system resources by S4i Express o Reduced IT direct labor overhead associated with document handling
Reduced support-desk calls
Optimized use of print facilities, balancing output load between local and remote locations
Reduced consumables consumption organization-wide including:
  pre-printed forms
  plain paper
  pre-printed forms
  laser printer drums
  distribution supplies, etc.
  Reduced maintenance and downtime on centralized printers

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