Thin Clients - YEStation "Mini"

The Affirmative YEStation “Mini” family addresses the need for a lower cost yet robust thin client terminal.  Made with the latest third generation technology (integrated CPU/video), all models come in a small 6” x 7 ¾” x 1.5” form factor.  This allows a zero footprint option to save desktop space when mounted on the back of an LCD monitor, side/under desk, or wall.  Depending on model, the “mini” offers the flexibility to access your legacy host applications (AS/400, iSeries, RS6000, pSeries, S390, zSeries, Unix), Terminal Server, Citrix, VM Ware/Virtualization, and web browser applications.

Note: 2 USB ports in front


YEStation "Mini" - Models Available

2245 - VDI Edition
  • CE.NET operating system
  • AMD 466 processor
  • RDP, ICA, IE Browser
  • VDI connection broker
  • 3 USB ports

Recommeded use: Windows Terminal Server, Citrix, and server virtualization users.

Starting at $199

2242 - Legacy Edition

  • CE.NET operating system
  • PowerTerm host emulation
  • Parallel, PS/2, and 3 USB ports
  • IE borwswer, RPD, ICA, and VDI broker

Note: 2 USB ports in front

Recommeded use: Users needing AS/400 (iSeries), S390 (zSeries), RS6000 (pSeries), and/or Unix access including host printing.

Starting at $349

2227U - Windows XP Embedded Edition

  • XP embedded operating system
  • Local host emulation (PowerTerm)
  • Serial and 3 USB ports
  • RDP, ICA, and choice of client connection broker
  • 512MB Flash and 512MB Memory (4GB flash max)

Recommended use: Users wanting a familiar Windows presentation, requirement to install own small applications/kernel, need for more robust browser

Starting at $525 (2227 256MB/256MB K- $475)

2222 - POS Edition

  • Similar to the 2242 Legacy model except serial replaces parallel port and flash and memory are upgradable

Recommended use: Users that require a serial port for point of sale applications in retail environments

Starting at $375

YEStation "Mini" Accessories

SKU # 9417 - VESA Mount

  • Standard 75/100mm mount for LCD monitors and flat surfaces
  • Allows for zero footprint



SKU # 9703 - USB Wireless Adapter

  • 802.11b/g WiFi adapter
  • Includes 6’ extension cable
  • Works with Windows CE and XPe units


Flash upgrades:

SKU # 9712 256MB to 512MB (XPe units) - $65

SKU # 9713 256MB to 1GB (XPe units) - $95

SKU # 9714 256MB to 4GB (XPe units) - $145

Memory Upgrades:

SKU # 9812 256MB to 512MB DDR - $85



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