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Dual color-captioned keys

The keyboards packaged with the YEStation (YESboards) are specially designed for long life and increased user productivity. They also enhance desktop productivity when attached to PCs running software such as Client Access and Rumba. Please review the chart below detailing the benefits of making the YESboard an integral part of your desktop for both thin clients and PCs.



Buckling spring mechanism

Long life (25 million keystrokes) and instant tactile feedback for user

Dual color-coded key captions

Smooth transition from Host (AS/400) applications to Windows applications

Universal 122 terminal layout support

Allows organizations who have standardized on an emulator started from the server to use the 122 layout

Manufacturer's lifetime warranty (when purchased w/YEStation Extra)
Reduces replacement costs associated with low quality keyboards

Models/options 1225T - 122 key terminal layout w/dual captions for AS/400 (5250), black
1227T - 122 key terminal layout w/dual captions for S/390 (3270)
1015T - 101 key PC keyboard w/dual captions for AS/400, black
1027T - 102 key PC keyboard w/ dual captions for S/390
1081 - 108 key PC keyboard, black
Software drivers
(only required with 122 layout
connecting to PCs)
5280 - Windows 3X/95
5298 - Windows 98/ME
5290 - Windows NT/2000






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YEStation "Mini" Thin Client

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YEStablet (wireless thin client)

YESboard Keyboards

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Model 1220T
Starting at: $119