YEStation EXT - Common questions

What do I need on my AS/400 to run the YEStation as a 5250 terminal?
The AS/400 (iSeries) requires an Ethernet card installed and TCP/IP protocol started for the unist to be recognized.

Do any of the models support the 802.11b wireless standard?

Yes, the model 2322 (YEStation EXT) with CE.NET supports the Cisco AIR-352 radio card inserted in the PCMCIA slot for wireless compatibility to 802.11b or g access points.

What are the keyboard options?
Choice of 101 key PC or 122 key terminal layouts. Within each layout, you can have dual color-coded captions for AS/400 (5250) or S/390 (3270). Example of a dual coded key is the 5250 Field Exit key in black is also the PC Enter in blue (AS/400 122 key layout).

How many printers can attach to the YEStation?
A total of four printers (one parallel, one serial and two USB) could be connected to the YEStation EXT.

What operating system do the Windows-based and Browser-based models use?
They use CE.NET desktop version

What model would best replace Twinax display stations giving users a more seemless transition?
The model 2222 YEStation "mini" allows for a full "green screen" 5250 presentation including an eye pleasing font even in 132 character format.  This provides for a smooth transition from legacy Twinax to Ethernet (or wireless) units.

Why would someone consider the Linux-based terminal?
The three main justifications for the "LBT" are: users of Notes/Domino who want an alternative to costly PC's and still deliver e-mail, Calandaring, and Things to Do (with the Domino Server Web-enabled), need to size windows on the screen to see mutiple sessions running, and the desire for the Netscape Navigator browser verses the MS Internet Explorer that comes on the Windows CE browser-based models.

What prerequisites do I need in place to deliver windows to the YEStation?
Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition or Window 2000 server need to be running to use the RDP or ICA (Citrix) clients that come standard with the YEStation.

Is there a hard drive embedded in the YEStation?
No, it has only one moving part-the on/off switch.

What type of monitors are supported with the YEStation?
Any standard SVGA color or monochrome monitor with a 15 pin connection

Do I need a boot server to start the YEStation terminal?
No, it is started locally with the resident flash memory.

What is the warranty on the YEStation terminal?
It comes with a limited three-year warranty to the original purchaser (overnight replacement)

Do I need Citrix software installed on the server to run Windows applications with the YEStation?
Although adding Citrix to NT 4.0 TSE or Windows 2000 Server greatly enhances performance for remote dial-in, audio, and over a Wide Area Network (WAN), it is not required to run Windows applications (i.e. MS Office).

What model is most appropriate in a Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services or Citrix only environment?
The YEStation "mini" 2221 is the best solution if you do not require access to an IBM host (AS/400, S390, RS6000) or a local web browser.  It comes standard with ICA and RDP protocols for server based computing.



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