YEStation EXT - Unique features

The YEStation EXT offers unique features that set it apart from general purpose Windows-based terminals and text-only Ethernet terminals. Below are details describing how it differs from the crowd.



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Emulation software:
A robust set of emulators allow the YEStation to speak to virtually any host and include TN5250e (AS/400), TN3270e (S/390), AIXterm (RS/6000), VT 52, VT100, VT220, VT320, VT400/420, VT520/525, ANSI-BBS, SCO-ANSI, Wyse50/60, HP, AT386, DG D-412, TANDEM, TELEVIDEO, TVI19XX, ADDS A2

Specifically, the AS/400 software supports a GUI look if users want their menu items in a push button Windows look. Also, by pointing the mouse at a menu item or function it lights it up allowing the user to simply click there left mouse button to initiate the command.

The Linux-based YEStation MAX allows DOMINO/Lotus Notes users to use e-mail, Calandaring, and things to do without the need for a terminal server or having the notes client installed such as with fat clients (PC's).

122 Keyboard Support:
For users who want to start the emulator from the server (example: Client Access), the YEStation EXT is the only terminal that supports the 122 key layout for AS/400 and S/390 mainframe users. In addition, optional dual color-coded key captions allow you to jump from Windows to Host applications with ease. Finally, the buckling-spring design keys allow for use in harsh environments and are tested to 25 million keystrokes. more...

With one parallel, one serial and two USB ports, you can connect up to four printers that can print four separate jobs. The TN5250e protocol supports SCS printing (standard AS/400 print stream) allowing forms control including page range and printer error reporting.

With a metal case and no moving parts, the YEStation EXT is engineered to last. It runs cool with an external power supply which eliminates a fan that often attracts contaminates like in PCs. Mounting brackets give you the flexibility to mount the unit in any orientation including on a wall or under a work surface These features allow the YEStation to survive in harsh environments where PCs often breakdown.



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