YEStation EXT - What is it?

The YEStation EXT from Affirmative Computer Products is a unique network terminal specifically designed for IBM host environments including the AS/400, S/390, and RS/6000.

Common names for such a device include Ethernet terminal, Windows-based terminal, TCP/IP terminal, and Thin Client.

All these descriptions suggest an Ethernet connected TCP/IP unit allowing a multitude of functions.

As IT departments migrate away from Twinax (SNA) connected hardware to Ethernet (TCP/IP) networks, the YEStation is a solid replacement for Twinax displays. For those staffs concerned with lowering their total cost of ownership, the YEStation is a viable alternative to PCs and the increasing costs associated with maintaining them.

The YEStation thin client family comes with a complimentary software program called ePro Manager.  This is a powerful remote/central management tool allowing the administrator the following capabilities:
  • Locate new terminals on the network
  • Configure terminal properties
  • Add, delete, configure, and activate terminal sessions
  • Clone terminal properties onto another terminal
  • Upgrade terminal firmware (except XP Embedded units)
  • Create and manage terminal "groups"
  • Shadow and control terminal operations (CE.NET units)
  • Reboot terminals
  • Maintain a log of all ePro management events

All the above is accomplished without

annual license fees!



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