Bring your supply chain into the 21st Century

The use of RFID technology provides your manufacturing and supply chain processes immediate visibility that lead to greater efficiencies with a robust ROI. From initial system design to installation and training, Machines & Media and its ISV partner Stratum Global will get you to your future state in a thorough and effective manner.

  • Gain visibility from receiving raw materials through WIP and finished goods
  • Manage internal assets
  • Eliminate errors associated with human scanning

Enterprises that will immediately see improved operational and supply chain efficiencies include manufacturers of furniture, windows, doors and cabinets. In addition, metal castings/foundries, power utilities, printing, general manufacturing operations and healthcare will receive measurable benefits from integrating RFID into their best practice use. Click here to schedule a complimentary viability assessment regarding RFID. See below to read more detailed overviews with these industries.

Elevate your operations to new heights with RFID-based VISIBILITY via TagNetâ„¢

Join us for a 22-minute webinar designed to educate manufacturing companies about how to make better decisions.

As part of a complete implementation, Machines & Media will also assist you in making the right choice of equipment to assure your rollout meets your stated objectives. This includes the following:

RFID Antennas




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